R&D Centers

Hyundai WIA’s machine tool laboratories focus on further advancement of super speed and super precision performance of machine tools that are state of the art technology of exclusive design and extensive research which drives development of advanced technology and commercialization through machine tool and cutting-edge equipment research.

Uiwang R&D Center

Areas of research : Machine tool (machining centers & turning centers), Machine Control & Software, Advanced research

Changwon R&D Center

Areas of research : General improvement of machine, Testing & research

TECH CUBE (Europe)

Areas of research : Advanced research of major parts, Development of European models

Machine tool research

1. Turning Center development

  • Standard / Multi-Axis Turning Center development
  • Special turning center development
  • Core product development

2. M/C development

  • Vertical/Horizontal M/C development
  • Machine for factory automation
  • Core product development

Machine tool control and Software research and development

1. Machine tool CNC application design

Lathe and machining center optimum control logic design

  • Optimization of CNC System
  • Multi-Spindle / Multi-Path(Multi-Channel) control
  • Optimum application of CNC function

Drive system and peripheral device control

  • Turret, ATC, Magazine control
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Pressure Unit
  • FA System control

Operating environment and Electric enclosure design

2. CNC embedded software design

ADevelop and implement proprietary functions for Fanuc/Siemens CNC

  • Machine operation guide
  • Tool path control
  • Thermal displacement compensation
  • Vibration control
  • Eco-friendly control

3. PC and mobile based software design

Install and operate with PC and mobile devices (tablet PC, smart phone)

  • Remote diagnostic and maintenance
  • Virtual machine operation
  • Conversational Programing
  • Mobile operation / monitoring / control

Machine tool Advanced Research

1. Core product development

  • Development of direct drive motor tilting rotary table
  • Development of lathe spindle and tool post
  • Development of spindle for machining center

2. Development of main spindle

  • High power high speed spindle(30,000rpm)
  • Nano precision spindle(precision level: 50nm, speed : 40,000rpm)
  • Main Spindle thermal displacement sensors and compensation system

Machine tool Advanced Research

1. Structural analysis

  • Maximum cutting feedrates, thermal stability
  • Static and dynamic deflection analysis, thermal distortion analysis
  • Software : ANSYS, ABAQUS

2. Non-linear analysis

  • Clamping force, impact resistance, component fatigue
  • Contact Analysis, transient Analysis, fatigue analysis

3. Dynamic analysis

  • Rapid feed rigidity, control/structure coupling characteristics
  • Mechatronic analysis, flexible body dynamics
  • Software : ANSYS, ABAQUS