Technical Center


Machine tool permanent market in technical center exhibits some 20 state-of-the-art machine tool developed with Korea-best design technology, and you can experience, not limited to plain exhibition, an excellent machining capability and quality of Hyundai Wia machine tool. Especially technical center not only promote cutting-edge technology and new products but also guarantee ultimate satisfaction as a multi-functional space that provides best service including education support.

Changwon Technical Center

  • Area : 1,315 Pyeong(exhibition 300 Pyeong)
  • Location : 153 Jungdong-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon, Gyeongnam
  • Contact : +82-55-280-9784

Uiwang Technical Center

  • Area : 467 Pyeong(exhibition 250 Pyeong)
  • Location : 37, Cheoldobangmulgwan-ro, Uiwang, Gyeonggi, Korea7
  • Contact : +82-31-596-82011

Various training curriculum

2nd floor for education of technical center operates various training programs for maximization of equipment operation capability and productivity increase. We provide Basic NC Programming curriculum and practices to be able to operate various machine tools in exhibition, and have good reputation from customers by arranging Korea-best CAD/CAM training center


SIEMENS, FANUC NC programming and machining practice

CAD/CAM training

Machine tool programming practice using CAD/CAM.

A/S education

Technology learning for A/S responsibility enhancement

Technology seminar by theme

Holding of seminar to improve machining technology capability such as tool selection, machining of difficult-to-cut material, special options selection.

Integrated call center for customer satisfaction

Hyundai Wia is trying to provide better services at a near place from customers based on ountry-wide networks. We reduced repair waiting time of machine tool by operating an integrated call center for fast services, and hope you experience high quality services provided by only Hyundai Wia.

One stop callall services can be kept up with one call.
Service quality improvement
service quality improvement through analysis by service type
Customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction improvement due to enhancement of call center role and function

Service Call Center Process