Spindle & ATC

High Precision Spindle & High Speed Tool Change System


Direct Driven Spindle

The directly coupled spindle at a maximum revolution of 8,000rpm [Opt. 12,000rpm], allows high-speed processing. Additionally, the large diameter and the thickness of the spindle add to the stability of the machine.

Through Spindle Coolant OPTION

Through Spindle Coolant is exceedingly useful when drilling deep holes. It helps increase the lifetime of the tool, while decreasing cycle time.

Hybrid Tool Lock
Reducing heat and noise by removing the hydraulic motor

8,000 rpm

Power (Max./Cont.)18.5/15 kW (25/20HP)
Torque (Max./Cont.)118/71.6 N·m (87/528 lbf·ft)

12,000 rpm OPTION

Power (Max./Cont.)18.5/11 kW (25/20HP)
Torque (Max./Cont.)118/52.5 N·m (87/38.7 lbf·ft)


High Speed ATC

Position control through twin arm ATC on servo motors has been improved drastically In addition, tool exchanging has become easier, reducing specific cutting time tremendously.


The tool magazine holds 30 tools as standard and 40 tools as an option. Due to the wider selection of tools and the random tool selection method, tool change time has improved.

Tool Change Time (Chip to Chip)3.7 sec
no. of ToolsTool ShankMax. Tool WeightMax. Tool lengthMax. Tool dia. (W.T/W.O)
30 [40] EABBT408 kg (18 lb)300 mm (11.8″)30T : Ø80/Ø125 mm (Ø3.1″/ Ø4.9″)
[40T : Ø76/Ø125 mm (Ø3″/ Ø4.9″)]