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High Speed, Wide Range Vertical Machining Center

KF7600L, developed by applying the accumulated know-how and the latest technology of Hyundai WIA, is a next-generation machine tool optimized for processing products with long material lengths through the application of a large and wide table.

Vertical Machining Center with Best-in-class Performance & Wide Machining Area

  • Large table application for machining long parts
  • Wide structure of 2,100mm (82.7″) X-axis
  • High rigidity with Y-axis 4way design
  • Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z) : 30/30/24 m/min
  • High speed/High rigidity LM guide in all axes
  • Securing rigidity by applying 3-row ball screw support bearings
  • 2 way interior screw chip conveyor (Std.)
  • Bed flushing coolant, Upper-type chip conveyor standard application